What are the benefits for a startup

Immediate access to cutting edge HANA technology platform - free

Access to technical HANA experts and marketing & sales enablement support - free

Access to our 250,000+ global customer base to sell market-ready solutions - free

Opportunity to pitch to the venture community via the HANA Real Time Fund and SAP Ventures - free

Of entrepreneurs, partners, investors and thought leaders - free

No Equity
SAP Startup Focus does not take equity from participating startups

SAP Startup Focus

Put the Power of SAP into Your Startup

SAP Startup Focus is a program for startups with big data, predictive analytics and real-time data decision solutions. We want to make SAP HANA available to the startup community, help eligible startups accelerate the development of their solutions and assist with bringing them to market.

Success Stories

    • Trendbox

      Trendbox provides solutions for conventional retailers with SAP HANA

      Trendbox processes the sales performance reports fast, on-site and real-time including various parameters such as the competitors, weather, events, and etc. These reports make the decision making much easier for the company managers.

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    • Infonomi

      Infonomi Technology was established by engineers who have great know-how on defense sector and SAP Business Intelligence to pursue their goals.

      Infonomi, established in February 2014, provides solutions for iBeacon technologies for retailers, museums and fairs and was backed by TÜBİTAK, (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). iBeacon project was approved by SAP after intense certification tests and got “Powered by SAP HANA” logo.

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We are looking for good startups interested in developing their solutions on top of the in-memory database and application platform SAP HANA!