SAP Predictive Analytics

SAP Predictive Analytics is a statistical analysis and data mining solution that helps to build predictive solutions. It helps you to identify patterns in the data and to develop algorithms for your business needs.

  • Forecasting: How does historical behavior translate into future performance?
  • Anomalies: Are there any clusters in your data that needs special attention?
  • Relationships: What are the correlations in your data?
  • Trends: Are there any patterns (historical or emerging) affecting your business?
  • Key Influencers: What are the primary parameters that create the biggest affect in your business

Predictive Maintenance

  • A proactive and preventive maintenance system to minimize machine down-time due to breakdowns
  • Enables real-time machine health monitoring using the vast amount of data collected from sensor-rich machines, such as aircrafts and manufacturing robots
  • Using big data and applying data mining techniques enable predicting machine failure before it happens, notifying the technicians and starting the ordering process for the necessary parts ahead of time

Theft & Loss Detection

  • The high volatility nature of supply and demand in energy resources presents a challenge for the Utilities industry
  • These uncontrollable factors affect planning processes, revenue forecasts and demand predictions
  • Processing big data collected from smart meters can identify energy consumption patterns
  • Theoretical loss can be calculated based on the predicted load/demand on the transformers
  • Consumption data and theoretical loss combined with demographics and GIS can identify anomalies and customer trends

Use Cases

  • Healthcare: Predict likelihood of disease to begin early treatment, identify clinical trial outcomes
  • Banking: Identify key behaviors of customers likely to leave the bank, improve credit risk analysis
  • Retail: Intelligent selection of store locations based on demographics, inventory planning
  • Telco: Forecast demand on system load for capacity planning and customer scale