SAP IT Operations Analytics

Holistic View

  • Aggregate data sources within one layer: Combines network topology, syslog and external message catalog
  • Integrate data sources from different layers: Combines any logs from different layers into a harmonized and simplified data model to identify the root cause of a problem

Real Time

  • Scalable streaming of events: Connects all event sources of the data center and stream events in real time to SAP HANA for further analysis
  • Correlate events and derive actions: Correlates events from different sources within a given time window, generates actions (such as notifications and alerts), and triggers processes.


  • Data cleansing and predictive model: Creates statistical models based on experiences (data) from the past
  • Analyze data and verify the model: Utilizes predictive analytics capabilities from Application Function Library and toolsets such as SAP Lumira
  • Verify incoming events and derive actions: Integrates actions into existing IT processes and infrastructure management

SAP IT Operations Analytics

  • Utilizes SAP HANA platform services for IT scenarios,
  • Is open for customers and partners to build new applications and extensions,
  • Gives you a holistic view of your data center in real-time,

Provides you with additional insights to further optimize your IT operations.