SAP Education Platform

The aim of SAP Education Platform is productive utilization of technology in education. Students and teachers can use the application via different devices (tablet, PC, smart board etc.) inside or outside of the classroom.

Main functionalities are:

  • Student Groups / Classes
  • Announcement / Messaging / Forum
  • Content Viewer / Editor
  • Calendar
  • Learning Path / Progress / Competencies

The application part of this project is developed as an SAP HANA Extended Application Service to embed a full featured application server, web server, and development environment within the SAP HANA appliance itself. However this is not just another piece of software installed on the same hardware as SAP HANA; this application services functionality is truly integrated directly into the deepest parts of SAP HANA database itself, giving it an opportunity for performance and access to SAP HANA’s differentiating features.

The UI part is developed on SAPUI5, which is a client-side HTML5 rendering library with a rich set of UI controls for building as well desktop as mobile applications according to the model-view-controller concept.